Status update

So much time has passed and I had many things I wanted to write about:  The private vs public option, the attitude towards cesarean’s, the fears that have evolved over so much waiting time etc. etc.  But all that will have to wait.   It will have to wait because our little one didn’t.

He was born 5 weeks premature.  We spent two weeks in hospital after the birth, having been transferred to another city and hospital with a NICU (neo natal intensive care unit) . We watched while he struggled to breathe, was ventilated, progressed to cpap and then finally learned to breathe and regulate his temperature by himself.    It was an intensely worrying experience but strangely, after all the medical intervention required to get him here, it seemed quite reasonable that he would need more medical help on arrival.

We’ve had him home for 3 weeks now and are getting to know one another.  He is gorgeous and I am happy and exhausted.  The experience is pretty much living up to expectations – which is to say that having looked after my much younger sister when she was born and having spent some time working in long day care centres, there was a lot that felt familiar.  The one thing that I wasn’t prepared for was the worry.  I shall now call this “The Worry”.    It is with me all the time – he’s so beautiful and I can hardly believe that he is alive and well.  I’m not sure if  it’s the experience in NICU or with  the infertility, but I  keep waiting for something to go wrong.  But he is a mighty little boy, who has his own place in the world now.  I am so grateful that it’s with me.


One Response to “Status update”

  1. jodie38 Says:

    Oh my GOD – I’m so LATE! Time got away from me, and I’m so late in telling you congratulations! Congratulations and….HUGS!! My daughter was early also, 5 weeks premature, but didn’t have the issues your little one did. I cannot imagine how frightened you must have been.

    Every second is a gift, and I still feel like that after almost two years.

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