Cold Hand, Cold Womb

Enter the human pincushion.  I’m sure many will know what I’m talking about.  If I’m not talking about hormone injections then I’m talking about…acupuncture.  

Yes…we’ve decided to give it “one last hurrah”, as the first acupunturist I rang referred to our treatment program.  I’ve been very fortunate to find a doctor who will bulk bill me for the treatment – I’m not sure we could have done it otherwise as our finances are not particularly healthy.

I had my first appointment today. He was lovely.  Didn’t assure me of any positive outcome but thought it was worth a try.  We talked about all my various ailments and when I mentioned my raynards disease he muttered…
“Ah… cold hands, cold womb”.  It’s a chinese saying apparently.  So we’re going to work on that.   I could add “cold heart”, but we’re working on that too.


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One Response to “Cold Hand, Cold Womb”

  1. Pamela Says:

    Thanks for your comment today. Totally agree….!!

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