How’s this for insanity?

So… I am one day late for my period.  One day late after an extremely stressful week which would absolutely account for the delay. Yet because my husband and I managed to have sex at exactly the right time last cycle I have hopes.  I have hopes after 7 years!  I have hopes despite the fact that part of the problem is getting the sperm to reach the egg!  I have hopes despite the fact that I’m 40 and my eggs are old.  I have hopes despite the fact that the last two IVF treatments failed because the egg didn’t fertilize properly, or at all.    I have hopes despite the image in the mirror reflecting back a chin full of hormonal pimples.  I have PMS and still have hope!  Hope? Insanity is more like it! (It’s killing me!)


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3 Responses to “How’s this for insanity?”

  1. Free IVF - Fertility treatment in London Says:

    NEVER lose hope – not insanity but the right mind! Yes you may get disappointed and yes it can be heartbreaking but better that and more chance at success than to have a negative mind set and possibly make things harder! I know you mentioned you have already had IVF but my friend has just fallen pregnant after years of trying after using FREE ivf from a clinic in London. In return for egg sharing you can undergo ivf for free, if all else fails – try again! Here is the link to follow and wish you both all the very best to your future. Your positive mindset is admirable! 🙂

  2. TheMrs Says:

    I know that insanity all too well!! I’m hoping that this it for you. 🙂

  3. Amy Says:

    I totally understand! I have a stash of pee sticks because I clearly enjoy wasting money and because I swear to God that someday I will magically see two lines!

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